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Boy Scouts Visit Essex Skypark

Boy Scouts visit Essex Skypark in June of 2013. More pictures here.

Baltimore Bicycle Club has Essex Skypark on their tour list as they travel around the lower peninsula.

Baltimore Bicycle Club at Essex Skypark


CAP Cadets earned their rocketry badges at Essex Skypark on June 20, 2013. Many of the rockets carried an egg as payload. Some of the parachutes deployed as planned and then lowered the eggs gently enough to survive the landing without breaking. Congratulations to all. (Click a picture for a larger image.)

CAP at Essex SkyparkCAP at Essex SkyparkCAP at Essex SkyparkCAP at Essex SkyparkCAP at Essex SkyparkCAP at Essex SkyparkCAP at Essex Skypark


Baltimore County practiced rescue operations at Essex Skypark during the week of May 12, 2013



On June 23, 2012, Essex Skypark hosted an Amateur Radio Field day. Aero Amateur Radio Club President Joe Miko explained the exercise that simulates emergency conditions as they set up their station and communicate with others worldwide. They have a long history of helping during disasters, providing essential communication services when the usual means are disabled for one reason or another. We are proud to be a part of the Essex community and happy to be able to welcome this group to the Airpark. More information about the AARC can be found on their Web site here.

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